Hotel Milano

Verona, Italy

Our time in Verona was short-lived due to some transportation complication prior to our arrival. Nevertheless, we were taken by the beauty that Verona holds, and left wishing we could have been able to spend more time in such a historic city.

When visiting this great city, consider staying at Hotel Milano, which is perfectly located in the Piazza Bra right next to the iconic Roman Arena. Also consider coming in the summer months when operas and other concerts are held right inside with an open-air setting. Also nearby, the Via Giuseppe Mazzini is lines with luxury shopping and leads out to the photogenic Piazza delle Erbe. Be sure to continue west towards the Adige River where some of the best restaurants and boutique furniture stores can be found. Across the river is Castel San Pietro. Climb the stair to the top and look back for a panoramic view of Verona's Skyline.

While our time in Hotel Milano was short, we were happy to find such a convenient and modern hotel at such affordable rates. The rooftop Terrace and bar are popular with guests because of the spectacular view of the Arena. From here you may be able to even enjoy the music from the operas inside for free. Although we did not have the time, the Hotel provides a full-service spa in case pampering is desired. Breakfast is included in your room rate. Be sure to fill up in case you are planning to climb the stairs at the Castle across the river. While Verona offers many affordable hotel options, we chose Hotel Milano for both the location and design. Be sure to visit this great city for it is well worth a stop.