Gio & Gio

Venice, Italy

Here is something that is rare to find in Venice. A canal-side 3-room B&B close to the main sites, that doesn't empty your wallet. This is not something you'll easily come across on a large booking engine, so consider yourselves fortunate if you to were able to discover this place. Venice is a destination that can easily manage to cost you a fortune (think about 300-500 euros per night) because of the swarms of tourists that keep this historic city alive. Most options are horrendously busy, and most affordable options are inconvenient or outdated. Let me introduce you to Gio & Gio.

Gio & Gio is a quiet and quaint place you wouldn't imagine being so close to Piazza San Marco. There is no front desk or receptionist. The owners Gio and Gio (hence the name), meet you in a nearby square about a block away to guide you to your new home for the next few days, give you a tour, and then hand over the keys. This charming B&B is not easily found. If they did not meet you in the square, it is likely that you would not find it.  As far as anybody else can tell, you are entering a private apartment.

As you enter, you come into the living room with the kitchen on the left. The two smaller rooms have breakfast set up for them each morning on the kitchen table, andjuice, milk, and yogurt are stored in the fridge. There is a coffee machine for guests to make a cappuccino, and tea is available as well. On our trip, we chose the larger room facing the canal. In this room, breakfast is set up on a table next to the room's wide windows. Outside, there is a small garden balcony hovering over the canals. This is the best part of the room because you can watch the many gondoliers glide by, and many of the singers and musicians who accompany them, operate on this channel of the canal. In the room, you will also find a large wardrobe that could easily be from the book by C.S. Lewis. Perhaps like in the book, the wardrobe might take you to a magical world, but I wouldn't bother since it already exists right outside your room window.